▶ 4th generation visual acuity chart system
▶ Providing convenience to user Wired/wireless Remote control with LCD window

4th generation visual acuity chart system
PLC-7100 chart system needs not cooling pan as it generates less heat while in operation
The system may be upgraded and A/S may be received using an SD card only.
Providing convenience to user/Wired/wireless Remote control with LCD window
PLC-7100 chart system support both wired / wireless remote control
High brightness of LCD panel enhances user convenience at dark eye exam circumstances
Remote control needs not replacement of Battery according to the adoption of rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer internal battery

Amsler test
It is easy to test the macular degeneration by Amsler Grid chart in PLC-7100.

Red / Green test with 3D
The function of Red / Green chart in PLC-7100 can have a test a color deficiency with three-dimensional.

Animation Function
This function in PLC-7100 makes children concentrated during the eye test.

Lens & lens color simulation
This function makes patient choose the colors of contact lens and optical lens by the simulation function which can be operated with the remote controller of PLC-7100.

Eye movement function
PLC-7100 provides the eye movement function as verticality, horizontality, left/right diagonal, center, random with 3 speed steps for eye recovery.


System type
Win-CE Type
LCD Type
19inch AUO TFT LCD
1280 x 1024 Pixels
Chart window size
300(H) x 375(W) mm
80 ~ 320 cd./m2 (10 Level variable)
Chart  Available
Landolt, Snellen, Korean, English, Arabic Numeral, Russian, Japanese, Children, Mask(Horizontal, Vertical, Single Optotype), Special chart(Red/Green chart isolation), the color deficiency, Amsler, Red/Green 3D.
Number Type
Round or Square
Selectable Distance
1.5M ~ 8m(0.25 step )
Memory Type
SD card(2GB)
Input : AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz / Output : DC 12V / 5A
Power Consumption
Comctn wireless
IR DA Communication
Comctn wired
RS 232 Communication
Remo-con channel
1~8 channel
Dimension / Weight
386(H) x 458(W) x 59.5(D)mm / 5.5kg
Remote Control
232.5(H) x 69.5(W) x 26(D)mm / 200g
Data Interface
Use the Cable for digital refractor
Standard Accessories
Remote controller, USB cable for recharging, Power adopter, Power cable, Wall Mount Bracket, manual
Optional Accessories
Floor stand, Red/Green Glasses, Cable for digital refractor, Floor stand