Multifocal Toric Lenses

Multifocal Toric Lenses

Eyecryl ACTV TORIC are Aspheric Toric IOLs with diffractive zones on optic, which are designed to give excellent surgical outcome with predictability and visual performance on consistent basis.

Technical Specifications:

Material Natural Yellow Hydrophobic
Optic Type Biconvex Toric Aspheric Optic with diffractive-refractive zones
Near Addition +3.0 D
Optic Size 6.00 mm
Overall Size 13.00 mm
ACD 5.28
Refractive Index 1.48
Estimated A-Constants* 118.5
Diopter Range(Spherical Equivalents diopters) From+10.0 to +30.0 D
( with 0.5 D steps )
Implantation Site Capsular Bag
Sterilization Irradiation

Cylindrical Power Options & Near Addition

Model Near Addition Cylindrical Power Recommended Correction Range of Corneal Astigmatism Correction
At IOL Plane At Corneal Plane*
HFYD-10 +3.0 D 1.50 D 1.03 D 0.75 – 1.50 D
HFYD-20 +3.0 D 2.25 D 1.54 D 1.51 – 2.00 D
HFYD-30 +3.0 D 3.00 D 2.05 D 2.01 – 2.50 D

Indications For Use

The Eyecryl ACTV TORIC IOLs are intended to be implanted in capsular bag of eye as replacement of cataractous natural crystalline lens for visual correction of aphakia and pre-existing corneal astigmatism in adult patient with or without presbyopia, who desire improved uncorrected distance, intermediate and near vision, reduction of residual refractive cylinder and increased spectacle independency.


  • Combined solution for Astigmatism and Presbiopia
  • Excellent Distance & Near vision along with good Intermediate vision
  • Predictable Astigmatic Correction & Outcomes
  • Excellent Rotational Stability
  • Reduced PCO With 360° Advanced Square Edge
  • Superior Visual Quality With Aspheric Optic Design
  • Can be injected through 2.2 mm incision. Reduces SIA
  • Batter tackiness with capsular bag