MD-6000 Bladder Scanner

MD-6000 Bladder Scanner

Miniaturized, Easy-Operated, Durable, Accurate!!!


Measurement Difference Minimization
» 3D mechanical sector scanning
» Target locating to achieve best results
» Falsely elevated PVR volume detection
Environment friendly
» Scanning duration less than 5 sec
» Power saving mode
» Content selectable for printing
Easy Control of Case Record
» Distinct scan for male and female
» Multiple data storage
» USB interface for unlimited data storage
Easy Operation
» Compact and portable design
» High-sensitivity touch screen
» Built-in battery
» Internal thermal printer
» Voice notification


Scan Method: 3D mechanical sector scanning
Probe Frequency: 2.5MHz
Accuracy: ±15%
Measuring Range: 20 ~ 999ml
Display: color LCD screen
Power Supply: rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh, no less than 4 hours continuous scanning