Product Description

lri p2000 pachymeter vector calculator

  LRIs have never been safer and simpler.

Age, Pachymetry and IOP adjusted LRI Vector Calculator for precise correction of astigmatism

Micro Medical Devices has introduced its exclusive “Age, Pachymetry and IOP adjusted LRI calculator”. This package, which is tailored for correction of astigmatism, is a recommended option for the PalmScan P2000 and AP2000 devices. The LRI package includes a 50MHz pachymeter probe that allows for fast and accurate peripheral corneal pachymetry. In addition, the LRI package includes software to calculate the size, location and depth of LRI/AK incisions based on:

  • amount and axis of astigmatism
  • patient age
  • peripheral corneal pachymetry
  • IOP (intra ocular pressure) of the eye

With limbal relaxing incisions being one of the most common methods of astigmatic correction by far, the PalmScan P2000 LRI Nomogram package has become an irreplaceable tool. The many features of the PalmScan P2000 LRI package, such as its simple user interface and built-in vector analysis software, tackle many of the difficulties faced by surgeons in performing LRI surgeries today. The LRI package will allow doctors to measure simple pachymetry measurements and input all the necessary information to generate customized surgical plans for patients. This plan gives doctors the incision depth that is recommended for the patient along with the location and size of each arcuate cut in a nomogram that can be printed or displayed on the PalmScan P2000 screen. This can be used as a guide to achieve immaculate LRI surgeries and astigmatic correction. Furthermore, the vector analysis calculator takes into account the induced astigmatism caused by the cataract incision and adjusts the surgical plan to ensure that it is taken into consideration.

How it Works: LRI Package Tutorial