Iris Retractors

Iris Retractors (also known as Iris Hooks) are used when a patient has Non-dilating / Non-fully dilating, or inoperative floppy iris syndrome. Iris hooks are considered the optimal temporary implants for such conditions. These highly effective iris hooks can be used when pharmacological dilation is unsuccessful. By helping to maintain a safe pupillary diameter, iris hooks are, in many cases, invaluable devices for cataract surgery.

The flexible Iris Retractor enables the mechanical dilation of the pupil where dilation can not be achieved pharmacologically. It is a simple, safe and fast alternative to reduce the surgical time. The flexible Iris Retractor stretches and retains the iris for maximum visibility during surgical procedures like phacoemulsification, retina and vitreous surgery. It can be safely used in aphakic, pseudophakic and phakic eyes.

Iris Retractors

Material Composition:

  • Blue Polypropylene: The Iris Retractor consists of flexible hook make of bright Blue Polypropylene monofilament which reduces iris trauma and adjustable silicone stopper which provides superior grip and allows adjustment of pupil size.


  • Stretches and stabilizes the iris during cataract surgery
  • Both disposable and reusable options


  • Box of 5, sterile (each storage case contains 5 disposable Iris Retractors. Typically, four(4) iris retractors are required to obtain adequate iris dilataion. It is supplied sterile (Ethylene Oxide sterilized).)