Hydrophilic Lenses

Our single piece, foldable acrylic lenses are available with open and closed haptic designs, optimized “C” shape for optimized contact with the capsular bag. A product profile is developed to yield attributes desired for a foldable lens material. These attributes include optical for clear post surgical vision, mechanical for easy handling for the surgeon and toxicological properties making the lens non-irritating to surrounding tissues after implantation. A range of models are available for acrylic foldables in increments of 0.5 diopter. Foldable acrylic lens can be supplied with holder folder for ease of handling during surgery.

Acrylic Foldable IOL


Biotech Vision Care introduces hydrophilic Intraocular lenses, manufactured using FDA approved fully bio-compatible raw material. These Intraocular lenses are supplied in pyrogen free glass vials containing water for injection & sterilized by validated steam sterilization process as per EN 554.

Technical Specifications:

Model 600
Material Hydrophillic Acrylic CQ UV
Optic Type Single Piece, 360° Square Edge
Optic Size 6.0 mm
Overall Size 12.50mm
ACD 4.96
Refractive Index 1.462
Estimated A-Constant 118.0
Recommend Optical A-Constants SRK – T : 118.4
SRK – II : 118.5
Holl 1 Const SF : 1.42
HOFFER – Q ACD : 5.19
HAIGIS – a0:0.94, a1:0.40, a2:0.10
Diopter Range -10.0 to +30.0 D ( with 0.5 D steps from +1.0D to +30.0D )
Implantation Site Capsular Bag
Sterilization Steam


  • 6.0 mm optic size for better posterior view
  • 5 ° angulation ensures better contact with posterior capsule
  • YAG LASER compatible
  • UV absorbing material
  • Packed in medical grade biocompatible blister packaging
  • Endotoxin level below 0.25 EU/IOL to avoid post operative inflammation