Biosil LV – Heavy Silicone Oil (Viscosity 300 mPas)


Biosil LV is a colourless, homogenous viscous liquid consisting of highly purified Polydimethylsiloxane and Perfluorohexyloctane. It is biologically and physiochemical inert and has a viscosity of 300 mPas It is used as a temporary retinal tamponade following successful retinal attachment particularly to treat severe cases of inferior retinal detachment.


Biosil LV is used as a temporary tamponade in various complex and severe retinal surgeries like for:

  • Posterior Retinal Holes
  • Retinal Detachment with Giant Tears
  • Retinal Detachment in cases of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR)
  • Traumatic Retinal Detachment
  • Retinal Detachment with Vitreoretinal Proliferation (PVR)

Packaging :

  • Biosil LV is supplied in a 10.0 ml vial or 10.0 ml glass syringe